Tailored financial planning for long-term growth

Life is not a linear path from point A to B to C and so on. As your life develops it flexes, shifts, adapts and changes, and around it there are external factors that also impact you positively and negatively.

It is our deliberate and considered approach to take this natural process into account at all stages of your portfolio planning and management, and to avoid preconceived notions of success based on off-the-shelf financial models which simply do not apply to the individual.

Our approach is to sit with you and unpack all the aspects of your life that have a bearing on your current and future goals, and to understand how these relate to your wealth, estate, retirement and financial plans so that your wealth works to provide you with the outcomes you want.

Financial planning Cambridge
Financial plan for growth Cambridge
We use this information to create a comprehensive portfolio that uses the best available vehicles to grow your wealth considerably, affording you the freedom to choose the life you want. We have the unique privilege of being completely independent – this means we are not tied to any provider, Investment or product, that restrict options, limit opportunity, and oftentimes confuse our clients. We operate with complete transparency so that you always know our fee structure, underwriters, financial tactics and vehicles, and business operations – this is, after all, a partnership journey aimed at building long-term sustainability and growth.

Our Process

Getting to
know you

We always start things off with a no cost, no commitment initial meeting. This is our chance to get to know each other better, understand how each other work and see if we could add value to your situation. This first meeting can either be by telephone, virtually or face to face.


You will be given access to our client portal for us to share information securely and communicate effectively.  After gathering all relevant information, we meet again to drill down into your current financial and personal situation, this includes talking about the future; what’s important to you and the goals you want to achieve. At this stage we will provide you with an understanding of the costs that might be involved for your bespoke plan.


This is where the Envision team will analyse your current situation, undertake
research and start drafting your bespoke financial plan. We’ll explore all of the options available and pull together our recommendations to meet your financial requirements.

Presenting our findings

We will meet again to present your financial plan and the tactics we recommend. We’ll discuss things in detail, explaining the reasoning behind our recommendations and encouraging open discussion and understanding.


We shall then undertake the actions recommended and liaise with any third parties on your behalf ensuring we keep you updated on progress.

Ongoing Progress meetings

It’s imperative the plans implemented stay on course for delivery of your objectives. As part of our service, we will meet at least once a year to review your progress and make any adjustments required – after all, life is always changing, so it’s important that your financial plan is flexible and fit for purpose.