Wealth portfolio planning tailored to your individual needs and goals

When we speak to people about what they’d like to do with their income and assets, the totality of their wealth, they don’t use words like “I want effective tax structures” or “I need an investment portfolio that guarantees me growth well in excess of inflation” or “Let’s make my cash work harder for me” or “I need to protect my assets”.

Our clients tell us about how they want the freedom to make real choices about how they live their lives – where they want to go, who they want to spend time with, what they want to see, what they want to do and, most importantly, when they want to do it.

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Some of your goals are immediate; others are for the distant future – all of them are unique and important.

When we talk, we talk about life goals and journeys and how we can get there… we talk about them, not the money.

Future financial goals, Cambridge
Financial goals, Cambridge

The Envision Approach

Through my years in the financial services sector I have come to learn that at the heart of great customer service is the recognition that, despite the numbers-driven nature of my profession, people are so much more than numbers.

Each person’s goals and ambitions are different, and there is no one solution that can be universally applied to help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

At Envision, we recognise that it’s our job, our duty to take the totality of your life into account when we sit together to plan your portfolio so that we truly understand all of the aspects, variables, plans and goals that need to be considered.

Ultimately our goal is the same as yours: to partner with you on your life journey to help you achieve everything you want, using financial vehicles that maximise opportunity, mitigate risk and protect you, your family and your assets.

Tailored financial planning for Individuals

Corporate planning with an Individual Approach

For business owners looking for holistic financial, retirement, wealth and estate planning for their team, our approach remains much the same as for individual clients.

Whilst we’re able to implement the various structures at a corporate level, each team member will receive tailored planning to suit their individual goals and ambitions.

We are a completely independent financial services provider, not limited by affiliations to any particular schemes, groups or mutuals. This means we’re able to tailor solutions for you from a multitude of the best available financial vehicles.

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